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Vincent Mueller
Vincent Mueller CEO & Co-Founder

Vincent is an experienced entrepreneur and an established cryptocurrency investor, playing a pivotal role in leading HYGH.

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Fritz Frey
Fritz Frey Investor Relations & Co-Founder

Fritz launched his first profitable business at the age of 12 and onboarded the first large investor for HYGH.

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Antonius Link
Antonius Link Hardware & Co-Founder

Antonius is an expert in the Blockchain and IT spaces, leading the development of our MVP platform.

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Stefan Herkt
Stefan Herkt CTO

Stefan brings a deep domain and cross-sectoral experience to his role of CTO, while leading all technological processes of the HYGH platform.

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Juergen Specht
Juergen Specht Senior Tech Consultant

Juergen is an established creator of products, being used by millions of customers worldwide, and has successfully founded and sold 3 Startups.

Abhishek Gupta
Abhishek Gupta Head of Product

Abhishek is skilled with transforming ideas and strategy into digital products, having worked with giant companies like N26.

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Svetlana Agafonova
Svetlana Agafonova Project Manager

Svetlana has 8 years Full life-cycle Programme/Project Management experience in a variety of sectors with a UX/UI Design and Development background.

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Roman Stadolsky
Roman Stadolsky Senior Backend Developer

Roman is an experienced developer, whose work is focused on our website backend to ensure premium experience.

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Slava Semykrasov
Slava Semykrasov Senior Backend Developer

Slava is a backend developer and is responsible for inventing complex algorithms which power our platform.

Alexander Tretyak
Alexander Tretyak Senior Frontend Developer

Alexander is a full stack developer and an expert in technical architecture and systems.

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Dmitriy Sharanutsa
Dmitriy Sharanutsa Senior Android Developer

Dmitriy is a WDevs lead developer and out android engineer who created the HYGH Player, our first client software to be installed on displays.

Vladimir Puchkov
Vladimir Puchkov Senior Deployment Specialist

Vladimir is a network architect / servers administrator/ servers security specialist with over 15+ years of experience.

Sergey Kornienko
Sergey Kornienko QA Engineer

Sergey is our manual black box tester with a wide experience in working with various devices and platforms.

Taras Polischuk
Taras Polischuk Frontend developer

Taras is a HTML and JS guru, who makes pixel perfect and responsive pages with cute animations from design mockups.

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Oleksandr Zhylenko
Oleksandr Zhylenko PHP Developer

Oleksandr Zhylenko is an experienced PHP Developer with additional skills in JS.

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Hamid Aminirad
Hamid Aminirad Full Stack Web Developer

Hamid has worked at ScienceApps and sonnen GmbH, and studied automation systems at University of Applied Sciences Cologne.

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Elisa Winograd
Elisa Winograd UX/UI Designer

Elisa is a UX/UI designer who enjoys user research and user testing to find design solutions for products and services that need design improvement.

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Jo Glenk
Jo Glenk Creative Producer

Jo has many years of experience in the advertising industry, and is responsible for our videos and graphics.

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Michael Bievetski
Michael Bievetski CMO

Michael is a serial entrepreneur and serves the company with his profound knowledge from over 9 years of experience, including the fields of AdTech and the marketing agency world.

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Liza Chukreeva
Liza Chukreeva Growth Hacker

Liza has 7+ years of digital marketing experience in tech startups in Russia and Germany.

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Cate Lawrence
Cate Lawrence Content Strategist

Cate is an experienced technology journalist who has previously held marketing roles in blockchain and IIoT companies.

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Philip Barth
Philip Barth Copywriter

Philip is the former Creative Director at Jung von Matt (one of Germany’s most successful marketing agencies) and writer of the German text for our MVP platform.

George Geicke
George Geicke Head of Sales & Partnerships

George is a digital entrepreneur who has led and worked for app incubators in LA, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen.

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Thomas Baumgartner
Thomas Baumgartner Business Coordinator

Thomas brings over 25 years of experience in the corporate insurance market in Market Management, Insurance Brokerage , Alternative Risk Transfer and Financing to HYGH.

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Allen Sladkov
Allen Sladkov Sales Strategist

Allen is laying the groundwork for the pilot programme in Berlin and completing a B.A. in Business Administration at Beuth Hochschule.

Lukas Petersen
Lukas Petersen Business Analyst

Lukas has experience in blockchain technology and is completing his degree in Business Psychology.

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Daniel Biesuz
Daniel Biesuz Head of Legal

Daniel is in charge of Advice & Business Development at ILFP International Law Firm Partners LLC and assists with all of our regulatory compliance.

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Simona Bertollo
Simona Bertollo Office Manager

Simona brings experience in asset management and sales. With her comes Mathilde, her golden retriever.

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Alla Rubberdt
Alla Rubberdt Accountant

Within 15 years Alla has made her professional path from Accountant to Chief Accountant. She has brought experience and extensive knowledge to the team.

Christopher Obereder
Christopher Obereder Marketing Advisor

Christopher is a serial entrepreneur and a Forbes 30 under 30 member.

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Evan Luthra
Evan Luthra STO Advisor

Evan is a well-known serial entrepreneur and angel investor focused on strategic partnerships.

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Joseph Hundah
Joseph Hundah Media Advisor

Joseph Hundah is CEO and President of Econet Media Group and a seasoned media and finance executive with over 20 years’ Pan-African and international experience.

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Christian Schröder
Christian Schröder Business Advisor

Christian is Founder and CEO at 10x Value Partners (start-up incubator) and Former Director at Global Founders Capital and Director of Business Development at Rocket Internet SE.

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David Wang
David Wang COO Advisor

David specialises in large-scale international digital transformation projects, strategy, and M&A transactions at Deloitte.

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Rafael Schultz
Rafael Schultz Payment Advisor

Co-founder and “embassador” at Dash Embassy D-A-CH, he is a well-known advisor in the crypto community.

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Matthias Mende
Matthias Mende Marketing Advisor

Matthias is the Chief Strategic Officer of Block Gemini, Middle East's leading provider of enterprise-blockchain solutions.

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Work with us

We’re a rapidly growing international team who are all passionate about AdTech. We will continue to list all job vacancies as they occur, but in the interim please feel free to contact us at

Work with us


Supervise frontend development on a pilot project in Berlin, support marketing efforts, ensure the stability of our platform and work in a collaborative team setting.



To enhance our services, we are currently looking for a professional UI/UX designer with tons of experinece for a fulltime role in Berlin.



Help to establish and manage business networks and opportunities, develop recommendations for partnering, be actively involved to help implement your ideas.



Support us to hire the best candidates for our teams, organize team events and actively contribute to building a performance oriented and fun team culture.



Help to establish planning, creating and executing direct marketing campaigns, assist in content creation for social media and other channels.



Support our product management activities and take over projects to develop our digital, develop user-experience journeys and storyboards.