• MAW05845

    Vincent Müller

    CO-Founder & CEO

    Vincent is an experienced entrepreneur and an established cryptocurrency investor, playing a pivotal role in leading HYGH.

  • photo-member-02

    Fritz Frey

    CO-Founder &
    Investor Relations

    Fritz has a background in cryptocurrency investing and in marketing, having founded and sold one of Europe’s leading energy drink marketing companies. Fritz has a critical eye for identifying early-stage growth opportunities in emerging technology. His experience marketing a blockchain investment consultancy in DOOH made apparent the need for a better system in the DOOH market.

  • MAW06684

    Antonius Link

    Co-founder & Director of Hardware

    Antonius brings a visionary eye to the out of home advertising sector. His blockchain investment experience, and technical engineering background, combined with his knowledge of hardware enables him to bring HYGH’s ideas to reality

  • MichaelD_10

    Dr. Michael Debuschewitz


    Michael is an experienced digital and consulting COO who has built and run a number of successful internet and consulting companies. Starting his career with Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, Michael was the Managing Director and later chairperson of ZLU Consulting and Management, and a member of senior management board of pixelpark. He co-founded and worked as CEO for PPV AFG, VALUENEER and senden24.

  • MAW067741

    Martin Gerstenberger

    Key Account Director

    Martin is an experienced consultant and manager who brings many years of experience in Out-of-Home, media and digitization at vendors, brands and agencies as well as account manager for small, medium and large Key Accounts.

  • Nico_11

    Nico Milano

    Sales Director

    Nico is an experienced entrepreneur with many years of International experience in the real estate sector, focused on management, marketing, and sales. He brings versatility, adaptability, and insight into multiple industries

  • Timur_5

    Timur Demirtas

    Sales Director

    Timur brings 7 years sales experience including managing the men's department at Balayi magazasi and building a wholesale chain for a fashion manufacturer. He is an enthusiastic salesperson, with a knowledge of emerging markets and B2C consumer trends

  • MAW06589

    Benjamin Jacobs

    Sales Manager

  • MoiSquareColor

    Marcus Greinke

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Liza_2

    Liza Chukreeva

    Growth Hacker

    Liza has 7+ years of digital marketing experience in tech startups in Russia and Germany

  • JP_3

    Jean Pierre Glowaki

    Junior Project Manager

  • Annika Hoppen

    Annika Hoppen

    Product Marketing Manager

  • IMG_70451

    Chantal Farjallah

    Graphic Designer

  • MAW06759

    Jonathan Traenckner

    Content Writer

  • Image Christian Schroeder

    Christian Schroeder

    Business Advisor

    Christian is founder and CEO of 10x Value Partners, a startup incubator. He is the former director of Global Founders Capital and the former director of business development at Rocket Internet SE. He has founded and sold several businesses, one of which was sold to Alibaba.

  • HYGH AG 2-70-1

    Simona Bertollo

    Office Manager

  • Simon_9-1

    Simon Sprock


  • Image from iOS

    Christian Renaud Meboussa

  • Melissa DSC_0782

    Melissa Sprock

    Business Advisor

  • daniel_2

    Daniel Biesuz

    Head of Legal

  • DSC01014

    Maxim Paul

    Investor Relations Support

  • Lukas_3

    Lukas Petersen

    Investor Relations Support

  • Stefan_5

    Stefan Herkt


  • MAW06790

    Hamid Aminirad

    Full Stack Web Developer

  • IMG_6874

    Svetlana Agafonova

    Project Manager

  • IMG_6863

    Aleksandr Zhylenko

    PHP Developer

  • IMG_6884

    Dmitriy Sharanutsa

    Senior Android Developer

  • IMG_6866

    Taras Polischuk

    Frontend Developer

  • IMG_6854

    Roman Stadolsky

    Senior Backend Developer

  • IMG_6858

    Alexander Tretyak

    Senior Frontend Developer

  • IMG_6900

    Sergey Kornienko

    QA Engineer

  • photo_2019-07-31 16.39.32

    Vladimir Puchkov

    Senior Deployment Specialist