HYGH Advertisement Platform

HYGH is currently developing the HYGH Advertisement Platform.

A Self Service Platform for advertisers.

In form of a simple app, any advertiser can use this interface to upload, manage and schedule advertisement campaigns.

HYGH Advertisement Platform

Campaigns that are launched through the HYGH Service Platform, will be integrated into various areas of the HYGH Ecosystem.

Campaigns can be launched in display networks of third parties (e.g. RoadAds & Banaya Media).

Campaigns can be integrated into our own HYGH Global display network.

Enables everybody to broadcast their unique advertisement campaigns, at any time, at any place (hyperlocal), to a reasonable price.

Effectively, lowering the entry-barrier to DOOH marketing.

HYGH Agency content management service provides advertisers with the opportunity to create campaigns in a face-to-face manner through HYGH and integrate these into the HYGH Network.

Booking Process

Access the HYGH Service Platform through a mobile device or through an internet browser. Easily upload your campaign video or pictures and decide upon which industries these belong to.
Select play times and display locations to ensure reaching exactly the audience that you want to reach, in a precise location, at the right time.

Place your order and receive an immediate invoice and cost model. Your Ad can be up on the desired displays on the same day! No waiting or unnecessarily long scheduling.

Campaigns can be re-edited and rescheduled at any given time in the future.


Give it a try now. It’s fast and easy