HYGH Agency

Full-service content management system that provides key accounts with personal managers and enables HYGH to plan and manage campaigns in a direct, face-to-face manner.

Every customer regardless of size or income can create, plan and manage high-quality campaigns.

What is it?

The HYGH Agency will be integrated into the HYGH Advertisement Network and serves as an alternative to the HYGH Service Platform.

After creating and planning your individual campaigns, they are launched into the HYGH Ecosystem and profit from all display networks connected to the platform.

HYGH Agency provides accounts with managers, that engage in every customer need.

Creating unique campaigns, displaying them in all locations, at specifically desired times and targeting a specific audience, the HYGH Advertisement Platform makes it possible.

We plan your campaign


Design your individual advertisement campaign with a team of professionals that tailor your campaign to your customers.

High-quality and face-to-face.


Schedule your campaigns to exact times with help of our agency service.

Simple and self-explanatory our HYGH Agent cooperates with you and creates a campaign in close contact.


Together with our agent, select which locations suit your needs the most.

Select exactly which displays you want your Ad to be displayed upon.


Success Metrics

In future you would know how many people passed your ad.

We develop our technology HYGH Go

For the moment we make use of well known frequency atlas

Our Advertisers

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We are ready when you are.

Our service team will be available to support your needs during working hours. Just email or call.

Email: info@hygh.tech

Phone: +49 15236985478

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