For Advertisers

Digital out-of-home advertising is skyrocketing, with a projected growth rate of approximately 10% over the next three years.

Advertise with HYGH and become part of the DOOH movement.

Who can use our service?

Big Business

Benefit from reasonable price model and competitive professional display network.


Ask our dedicated service.
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Small Business

Profit from the opportunity of low-entry cost into the DOOH market.


Use our convenient 2-click campaign mixer or expert mode to individually set DOOH campaign
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What will it cost me?

The HYGH Advertisement Platform and our display network make pricing for advertisers more affordable and flexible in comparison to competition.

Prices are specific to time and location and ads can be placed accordingly.

Who will see my ads

From the small tablet in your local grocery store to the large screen at the subway station around the corner. Ads can be placed in real-time and hyperlocal to achieve optimal demographic targeting.

A wide range of different people can be reached, all those passing by and approaching shop windows.

Display Locations

HYGH displays are located in highly-trafficked locations. Opposite to tube exits and crossings or facing the street in highly-populated locations.


HYGH Global

HYGH Global is our own display network. The displays from the professional OMN series are provided by Samsung.

Network: 5k Displays until 2020

Banaya Media

Banaya media, co-founded by Joseph Hundah, former CEO of Econet, one of Africa's largest multimedia providers.

Network: 30k Displays until 2023


Airtango's Living Network offers live streams and other professionally prepared content: sports, entertainment, and travel content.

Network: 300 Displays

Road Ads

RoadAds interactive offers digital advertising boards in different sizes for vans and trucks.

Network: 60 Displays

HD Berlin

The fully digital LED DISPLAYS stand for modern digitalisation in the cityscape of Berlin.

Network: 11 High-end LED Displays