Our story

HYGH was created from our frustration with the digital outdoor advertising sector, when we were told 50,000 euros was not enough to launch a campaign and that any campaign could not be edited while running and had to be booked 3-4 months in advance via pre-defined packages created by the providers. So you couldn't book location or time specific campaigns. And hence, we created HYGH to disrupt the existing structures of DOOH advertising.

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Our story

Our mission

HYGH’s mission is to redefine how we as a society handle advertisements in our cities. Who should provide the infrastructure? Who should be advertising? We are creating an easy to use standard that enables:

Revenue Generation outside conventional locations

Advertising sites are not limited to conventionally placed screens. Any business can power up a screen and earn passive income by running advertisements in their hotel, shop or restaurant.

Real Time

Campaigns can be changed in real time to react to current events as they unfold such as weather variations, public events, or changes in traffic flow.


Campaigns can address local issues where people live and work and encourage consumers to use their purchasing power at local small businesses.

Time specific

Campaigns can be funded to run across an extended period or at peak periods such as rush hour.

With the easy to use HYGH platform anyone can create a real-time campaign or generate passive income as a display provider. We’re democratizing advertising and disrupting how advertising is done.



Dammstr. 16
6300 Zug, Switzerland


Jean-Monnet-Str. 2
10557 Berlin, Germany

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