What is it?

If you own multiple displays in a public environment you can easily connect your network with the HYGH Advertisement Platform and profit from the HYGH Ecosystem.

How it works: UNI API

By connecting existing networks to the HYGH Network, the number of available displays rises exponentially.

External networks profit from the HYGH Ecosystem. HYGH profits from larger distribution channels and overall more available digital signage.


More customers

The HYGH Advertisement Platform supplies all display networks with high-quality advertising content non-stop. Network owners have to worry less about the booking process and ultimately can fully transfer the booking to HYGH.

Sell your unused space

Most network owners have problems filling their displays with content. The HYGH Advertisement Platform assists in filling the free slots. The HYGH Ecosystem provides Ad campaigns for all locations at all times.

Get in touch

Our service team will be available to support your needs during working hours. Just email or call!

Email: info@hygh.tech

Phone: +49 172 275 6765