Our Vision

With HYGH digital out of home advertising becomes simple, affordable and flexible. Anyone can profit from the growing HYGH Ecosystem. The HYGH Advertisement Platform offers the perfect solution for any advertiser and enables display hosts to earn income passively.

Our Story

HYGH was created out of frustration with the digital outdoor advertising sector, when we were told 50,000 euros was not enough to launch a campaign. Also, a campaign could not be edited while running and had to be booked at least 3-4 months in advance via pre-defined packages created by the providers.

That meant, you couldn't book location or time specific campaigns. And hence, we created HYGH to disrupt the existing structures of DOOH advertising.

HYGH is pleased to announce a partnership with Samsung to supply digital screens across our out of home advertising network.

Our entry into the Samsung ecosystem enables HYGH to distribute displays worldwide to our partners, grow network profits and provide an opportunity to collaborate on customized display solutions. The opportunity to be part of the ecosystem is of significant benefit to HYGH’s current and future partners.




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