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Top 5 Digital Out of Home Advertisements in September

3 October 2019

Digital out of home advertising never fails to delight, inspire, and ultimately capture our attention. Here's some of our favourite ads in September:

Cheil London/Samsung Foldable

We love this mind-bending film directed by Cheil London for Samsung's foldable device, Galaxy Fold. It screened at London's Piccadilly Circus, one of the UK’s most iconic landmarks.

Malaria no More


Public health campaigners Malaria No More UK, utilised out of home advertising during the UN General Assembly meeting in New York last month.  

An extension of an earlier “Malaria Must Die, So Millions Can Live,” campaign, they utilised an augmented reality filter for Facebookand Instagram, which was developed pro bono by Facebook and interactive creative studio and production company Powster. The filter adds a swarm of deadly mosquitoes around the head of the person using it, and those mosquitoes will only disappear after the words, “Malaria must die,” are spoken.


Life-sized versions of the filter, developed using out-of-home advertising display boards powered by Quividi, were paced strategically around New York along with more than 2,000 digital out-of-home billboards featuring David Beckham surrounded by thousands of mosquitoes will be placed around New York.

Brokaw/Lake View Cemetary

You might wonder if there's anything that can't be advertised on a digital board? But Cleveland’s 150-year old Lake View Cemetery shows how humor can be used to advertise even the least desired purchases to great effect!

Screenshot 2019-09-28 at 16.18.37

JC Decaux/Azzaro

Perfume company Azzaro launched their new fragrance, Wanted. They targeted  Paris Aéroport passengers using DOOH and mobile wayfinding to guide passengers to the nearest duty free shop via their smartphone. This is a great example of an interactive DOOH campaign.

JC Decaux/McDonald's

While strictly not digital, we love this effort by McDonald's to house bees. New custom billboards in Sweden serve as “bee hotels,” where wild bees and other insects can make their nests. All McDonald’s franchisees have been given the opportunity to order their own bee hotel boards and customize the messaging.

The first test is now live in Jarfalla, outside Stockholm, where six large bee hotels have been mounted on the backside of a north-facing billboard.

Do you have a favorite digital ad? Post it below in the comments and we'll share it through our social media platform!

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