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Top 5 Digital Out of Home Advertisements in October

6 November 2019

Digital out of home advertising never fails to delight, inspire, and ultimately capture our attention. Here's some of our favourite ads in October:


In anticipation of one of their biggest shows of the year, HBO made a massive splash for the upcoming series of Watchmen. They utilised augmented reality on LA and NY bus shelters, which surprised commuters as it appears to "rain squids" from the sky, a reference from the original Watchmen graphic novel and the series' first episode. This was accomplished by placing a camera directed on the street and superimposing the experience on the current environment.  The campaign also extended across an array of OUTFRONT out-of-home assets including bus posters, transit shelters, wallscapes, billboards and subway posters, throughout New York City and Los Angeles.

Kinetic UK/The Times


In a recent campaign, The Times newspaper took over Westminster tube station with an exotic vinyl wrap, and digital panels throughout the concourse to create an immersive jungle, highlighting the wild nature of politics right now. A corresponding social media campaign uses the hashtag #PoliticsTamed.



Screen Network/Burger King


In a promotion for the Oreo Shakes brand digital out of home advertising was combined with temperature sensors to great effect in a campaign in Poland. Shake prices varied depending on the current temperature near selected screens. When the thermometers showed over 25 ° C, the shake cost  5.99PLN. However, when the temperature reached above 30 and 35 degrees Celsius – frozen drinks were available for 4.99 PLN and 2.99 PLN. When the thermometer showed 40 ° C and above the shakes were available for free.

The campaign generated a reach of 8 million people, and product awareness increased significantly. Shake’s sales increased by 13%.

BVK/West Virginia Tourism


In an aim to increase tourism in West Virginia, a digital billboard campaign began appearing in the greater D.C. area promoting a fall weekend getaway to a mystery destination. Five hundred people applied, and a few days before the trip, 33 lucky winners got the news they had been selected.

Their instructions: Show up at 7 o'clock Saturday morning with layered clothing, hiking boots and a sense of adventure. The mystery destination would take care of the rest.

As the bus made its way out of the city, the passengers tried to guess where they were headed. A little under three hours later—and 3,000 feet above D.C. elevation—they got their answer: West Virginia. An interesting and memorable way to promote tourism!

SAATCHI and SAATCHI/Ocean Outdoor/BT


As part of BT's biggest brand campaign in 20 years, an experiential OOH activation was unveiled in the centre of Piccadilly Circus with children developing their very own avatars using code which then appeared on the big screen.

Do you have a favorite digital out of home ad? Post it below in the comments and we'll share it through our social media platform!

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