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Premium Locations along the KurfürstenDamm

3 March

Location Location Location! 

There's a saying in real estate that the only thing that matters is "location, location, location". The same is true when it comes to successful advertising.

Oftentimes, location carries a larger value to the advertiser than other factors like price of the ad and the times it is displayed. Of course, locations can also vary in terms of target audience spending capabilities. There are two extremes when talking about consumer spending capabilities. The low-spender market and the "premium locations (high-spender) market". A market, previously untapped by HYGH, that is now being tackled.

Premium brands, understandably only want premium locations to display their brands. In the end, what does a Louis Vuitton Ad do good in a Berlin subway station? The answer is, nothing. Commercials are only successful when displayed, in the right location, reaching the right audience.

For this reason, HYGH is proud to present our first of many more premium locations to come. Our HYGH Ku’Damm boxes are designed to give our premium advertisers a first impression of what HYGH’s expansion into the premium market looks like.

Kurfürstendamm, Berlins 5th Avenue!

The Kurfürstendamm in Berlin is THE international premium brand location and the most prestigious of this type in the whole city. The Kurfürstendamm is well known for the prestigious brands and high frequency of tourists and visitors in general. In the years from 2009-2018 the Kurfürstendamm averaged 7130 visitors per hour, making it the second most frequently visited shopping avenue in Berlin. Nationwide, this puts the Kurfürstendamm at rank 16 for the most frequented shopping miles.  Naturally, this traffic attracts advertisers and businesses from all around the country and is of significant interest to HYGH, in terms of expanding into the premium-ad sector.

The premium target group will inevitably be smaller; however the purchasing power of the premium-luxury customers is higher than that of “regular” customers. The annual revenue generated by Kurfürstendamm and the continuation street "Tauentzienstraße" is estimated to gross at around 1,5 Billion Euros. Moreover, 120.000 m² of new commercial space is currently being built which makes for an increase of 25% retail space in the area. In the past, the Kurfürstendamm has often been compared to the Champs Elysees in Paris, the Oxford Street in London or the 5th Avenue in New York.

Contemporary Digital Signage outdates the others

Other than most of the "traditional" brands that advertise in the Ku'Damm boxes, HYGH equipped their box with modern digital signage, rather than the traditional approach, of equipping the boxes with shoes, clothes or handbags, like most of the brands that are currently present do so.

We as ad-recipients got very used to digital advertising and the modern way most social media ads function. The stark contrast of the regular boxes displayed at Ku’Damm to our digital boxes, is eminent. The reception we got from many of our advertisers also confirms this, as the visual representation in HYGH’s boxes is more contemporary and suits the dynamic that people experience advertisements nowadays.

This is only the first step HYGH takes to support premium customers. We are already planning to increase the number of our Ku’Damm boxes and furthermore continue to expand into premium ad-segments. Visit hygh.tech for more informations!

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