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HYGH Partners with Samsung

14 November

HYGH is pleased to announce a partnership with Samsung to supply digital screens across our out of home advertising network.  

HYGH was founded in 2018 and is working to build a global advertising network that connects advertisers and front-facing businesses to offer real-time advertising in just minutes. We open Digital out of Home (DOOH) advertising to a previously untapped small and medium market, a group for whom digital advertising has been financially prohibitive. Further, businesses earn income from advertising displayed on a screen in their store, hotel or restaurant, enabling them to generate passive income easily.

The entry of HYGH into the Samsung ecosystem will enable HYGH to distribute displays worldwide to their global partners, growth network profits and provide an opportunity to collaborate on customized display solutions. The opportunity to be part of the ecosystem is of significant benefit to HYGH’s current and future global partners.

Samsung has held the number one market share of 24.9%1 in the global signage market for nine consecutive years and will likely continue its position as a world leader for the tenth year according to 2018 1Q data released by IHS Markit. The company has continuously developed innovative signage products such as ultra-large-sized LED Signage and The Wall Professional.

Samsung’s partnership with HYGH demonstrates their commitment to championing young startups in the digital out of home space and evidence of the scalability of HYGH’s business model in bringing advertising to all. HYGH is currently rolling out digital screens across Berlin as part of their pilot. Our founders recently visited New York to feature in an Adtech documentary, soon to be released on Amazon Prime and were recently named startup of the week by Horizont.

According to the Out of Home Advertising Association of America, out of home advertising, drives more than 3x more digital and social activations (per ad dollar spent) than any other media. The sector has enjoyed 35 straight quarters of growth, with digital OOH representing 29% of total 2018 OOH revenue.

According to HYGH CEO Vincent Mueller,

“As a young startup, working in partnership with Samsung provides the opportunity to improve our customer display solutions and manage distribution in Germany and beyond. We value their opinion of our potential. We are thankful to Samsung for their support and proud to be part of the Samsung ecosystem. We look forward to a great future working together!”

Samsung also shared a press release about our partnership.

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