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HYGH Partners with RoadAds Interactive and Their Display Network on the Move

24 October 2019

We are pleased to announce our partnership with RoadAds Interactive.  RoadAds is an innovative company making digital outdoor advertising on the move by connecting trucks and vans with high-resolution digital screens.  Each vehicle turns into a highly flexible advertising space as the vehicles in motion present advertisements on the move. Each screen is created using ePaper and embedded with GPS modules and sensors for detecting surrounding vehicles. As the vehicles move, ads become real-time and hyperlocal with geo-targeting meaning different ads are screened according to location, time, and weather.

Previously static ads on moving vehicles were complicated by border crossings and changing audiences as trucks changed countries meaning ads would need to be adjusted manually. Based out of Mannheim, RoadAds Interactive began in 2015 and is lead by CEO Andreas Widmann. Their advertisers include BASF, Mercedes Benz, Bosch, and Burger King.


Our partnership with RoadAds Interactive will integrate their highly innovative mobile digital ad space into HYGH's display network. In the future, HYGH advertising customers will have the opportunity to advertise beyond the heterogeneous network of stationary displays and onto screens mounted on fleets of trucks and vans.

At a time when people are more mobile than ever, and large amounts of time is spent outside of the home, RoadAds provide a great opportunity for getting ads in front of far reaching audiences.

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