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Everything you didn't know about KYC!

20 March

KYC helps to keep investments safe and legal. A vigilant KYC process and protocol protects investors and coins alike from both theft and fraud. It's a straightforward process achieved through a passport and a smartphone. In Germany, KYC is mandatory by law and without this mechanism, credit institutes, insurances and other financial instruments would have a lot more work to ensure the security of their assets and the assets of their customers. It simplifies a lot of data collection processes that were previously required.

Within the KYC, as a private person, one is required to state his job (or ways to make a living) and the business relationship that lays at the centre of the KYC process. KYC is the most modern way for companies to gain information about their customers and investors. Through KYC any coin or financial transaction can be safe, controlled and managed. It is an obligation for HYGH, to have all token holder complete a KYC. To complete yours, simply enter the HYGH-Dashboard and follow the easy steps to complete it.

Completing a KYC with HYGH is very straightforward. To help you out with yours, we've created a small prodecure check-list:

  1. After you have successfully created an investor account and logged into the HYGH-Dashboard you can click onto Profile and onto the KYC-Tab in your dashboard interface.
  1. Fill in all missing information including;
  2. your name
  3. date of birth
  4. contact number
  5. country of residence
  6. residential address
  7. postal code

In addition, select your requested investment amount, as your selected amount will directly effect the continuation of your KYC.

  1. Select and fill in all neccessary GDPR and legal compliancy boxes and submit your KYC.
  2. Download the ID Now app to confirm your identitiy.
  3. After completing the ID Now procedure, you are ready to go! Your KYC will be approved by HYGH and you are set to buy your HYGH Security Token.

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