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Why We Started HYGH

14 March 2019

Why Did We Start HYGH?

The impetus for HYGH originated from first hand experience. After early success as blockchain investors, my colleagues and I decided to start a blockchain consultancy.  

We wanted to open a big office in Berlin and start a huge digital outdoor advertising campaign to raise awareness of our business. My colleague Fritz called the biggest outdoor advertising company in Germany to find out the process for booking an advertising campaign. The minimum adspend was an investment of 100,000 euros. We were invited to a meeting which involved a two hour presentation in a dark room about the process of booking a digital outdoor advertising (DOOH) campaign.

It became apparent that the booking process was only possible via emails, personal meetings, telephone calls, and other go-betweens. You had to book your advertising campaign 3 - 4 months in advance; you had to submit the graphic you want to play in advance, and you could only book pre-defined packages created by the providers. These usually consist of 30-40 advertising spaces and have a minimum booking time of 10 -11 days. So you can't book location or time specific campaigns.

Upon returning home we decided we needed to revolutionize DOOH, and it’s processes that were stuck in the 1980s. We began to create HYGH with the intention to disrupt the existing structures of DOOH advertising through an easy to use digital platform that empowers companies, of all sizes, to reap the benefits of outdoor advertising in real time regardless of budget

-By Vincent

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