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We Welcome New Growth to the HYGH Product Team

27 February 2019

The HYGH team is expanding. We’re pleased to welcome Stefan Herkt into the role of CTO. Stefan Herkt brings cross-sectoral experience in payment processing. He previously worked as Senior iOS developer for digital telco pioneer immmr, leading the architecture and implementation of an SDK for syncing and accessing data between multiple mobile clients and the server backend. Prior he worked for the eBay Classifieds Group, supporting multiple classifieds apps for different markets from a single code base. He was responsible for leading the architecture and implementation of the different payment services and localization support, from Berlin and Portland.

He’s been working at HYGH as the right hand of HYGH's Interim-CTO. He has developed iOS Prototypes, managed different developer teams, set up infrastructure for a blockchain based STO,  and overseen server and office infrastructure.

Our interim CTO Juergen Sprecht will become our Senior Technical Advisor. He hardly needs any introduction - his products are used by millions of customers worldwide. He successfully founded and sold 3 StartUps, created entire new business segments from scratch as CTO of Rakuten Shashinkan in Japan, and mentored and built Tech-Teams for StartUps in Germany, USA, Singapore, and Japan. His clients span a wide range from StartUps to Fortune 500 companies like Google, Nokia, Panasonic, Honda, Rakuten as well as Sparkasse, Germans biggest savings bank. We’re honoured that he will be continuing to support our work at HYGH.

We also welcome  Abhishek Gupta as Head of Product, who brings several years of experience transforming ideas and strategy into digital products, from the system architecture all the way to the pixel on the screen. He has held positions in Investment Banking and Portfolio Management, as well as leading Product and Tech teams at both early and mature stage companies. His experience includes scaling customer experience initiatives at N26 and building digital infrastructure from ground up at Keatz (foodtech) and McMakler (proptech).

According to HYGH CEO, Vincent Müller:  “Our team has evolved to an international group of innovators and changemakers who bring technological know-how and cross-sector experience to our company. This brings us closer to our aim to make digital OOH advertising accessible to all businesses regardless of size and budget.”

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