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Top 5 Digital Out of Home Advertisements in April

6 May 2019

Digital out of home advertising never fails to delight, inspire, and ultimately capture our attention. Here's some of our favourite ads in April:

Purina/McCann Paris

Purina brought veterinary check-ups to the streets of Paris by turning its billboards into urine tests. The Street-Vet digital billboards, created with McCann Paris, released pheromones into the air encouraging dogs to pee on them. Just another great example of emerging tech in DOOH.

Avengers End Game

Eye-catching digital billboards are a great way to cross promote with other social media and digital advertising.

JC Decaux/Mitsubishi: Feel the Warmth

In Oslo, Mitsubishi partnered with JCDecaux Norway and We Are Live to create an OOH device allowing people to feel the warmth through the Kaiteki heater.

Glimpse/We Are Ocean: The Sea Is The Sky

The Sea Is The Sky recalibrates the relationship between inland urban populations and the world’s oceans, using delightfully surreal animated scenes which are powered by live global weather patterns and the rain. The screens come to life only when it is raining, each depicting a rich variety of marine life in an upside down world with the sea at the top and the sky below. A team of marine life including an octopus, turtles, a hammerhead shark and an Arctic narwhal playfully tow rainclouds as they swim across the screen. Clownfish, rays and other species also appear swimming through the sea-sky scenes, making them full of life.

March For Our Lives’ Times Square

The student activists behind the March For Our Lives movement have taken their fight to end gun violence to Times Square. Messages highlighting the imapct of gun violence in the US ran across two billboards, four times an hour for two weeks. The digital billboards rotated with messages “I saw my brother get shot; I saw my classmate get shot; I saw my teacher get shot,” along with a number that people can text to receive more information on how to get involved with March For Our Lives. Another great example of using DOOH for social good.

Burger King Brazil

Ok, this one is a bit earlier than April but I thought it remiss not to include it as it's quite clever. As part of the Burn That Ad campaign, people could launch the Burger King app in Brazil and point their smartphone at BK's main competitors’ ads. In return they see those ads go up in flames thanks to augmented realiy and turn into a BK app. The screen then offerd them a free Whopper.

Do you have a favorite digital ad? Post it below in the comments and we'll share it through our social media platform!

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