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Meet HYGH at Green Tech Festival 23 - 25 May Tempelhof Berlin

26 April 2019

Meet HYGH at Green Tech Festival 23 -25 May Tempelhof Berlin

Next month sees Berlin showcase innovations in technology and sustainability with the very first Green Tech Festival. Green technology or GreenTech as it is more commonly known is about using technological innovation to reduce the impact of human life on the environment, from the evolution of sustainable materials to new building design principles and the creation of new forms of energy.

The Green Tech Festival will bring over 50,000 people from all walks of life together to inspire them through the promotion of green technologies, and to accelerate the shift to more sustainability. The festival will take place from 23 to 25 May 2019 on the grounds of the former airport Berlin-Tempelhof. The event is co-founded by former Formula 1 world champion Nico Rosberg, who calls the festival

“the worldwide hub for future-forward green technologies. A lighthouse for positive change".

What’s so Green About a Festival Co-Created by a Racing car Driver?


Nico Rosberg now invests in Electronic Formula One racing and his in itself underlines a theme which sets the conference apart from other sustainability events. Unlike other conferences which focus largely on the responsibility of the individual to make lifestyle changes to reduce their environmental impact, the focus is on innovation within traditional industries with a particular focus on transport and manufacturing.


Companies represented will demonstrate how emerging technologies are driving innovations in sustainability. Representing the latest innovations in transport include Tesla, Porsche, Volocopter( flying taxis), Byton (electric vehicles), and bigrep , creator of the world’s first 3D-printed, full-scale airless bicycle tire. C losed loop clothing manufacturers Pyua, and Neonyt will showcase sustainability in material production in fashion.

Sustainability and HYGH

HYGH is attending the festival and providing digital screens featuring the HYGH digital ad prototype for exhibitors including Tesla, Porsche, DHL, and Bosch. The reality is that the OOH market needs a paradigm shift in sustainability, but in the past, digital has been too prohibitively expensive to most market participants. We aim to change that, and pioneer digital sustainability as a standard in the OOH industry:

All-electric: HYGH’s display network is 100% electric, meaning sustainability can be tackled on one front: green energy.

Reduced waste: Only one production (the screen) undercuts all the wasted production of unsustainable billboards and posters.

Long lifespan: The average television runs for 100,000 hours (more than 11 years). We estimate 7 years before the need for a replacement for our screens. That’s  a lot of saved paper!

Hyperlocal: Micro-service architecture and inclusive price point empowers SMEs to run local neighbourhood campaigns (former posters).

Green score: Green energy sourced screens receive a label and category for sustainability-minded marketing.

Recycling and resale options: Display providers are connected with recycling and resale platforms when they choose to upgrade.

Green Tech Awards Showcase Great Innovation

The festival has grown from the GreenTech Awards, which have been honouring the most innovative green projects for the past twelve years.  Past winners have included H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, Bob Geldof, Elon Musk, and Dr Auma Obama.

As well as the awards, the festival includes the Green Leaders Conference which will be held over two days on the festival grounds inside the hangars of the Tempelhof Airfield. As well as a deep dive into sustainability in transport, there’s also a focus on the circular economy, green energy, and startups. H.R.H Crown Prince Haakon of Norway is delivering a keynote.

The Green Tech Festival is from May 23 - 25 at Templehofer Feld

To find out more visit https://greentechfestival.com

To book a time to meet with the team at HYGH

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