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HYGH Participates in Samsung's Digital Out of Home Advertising Roundtable

18 July 2019

The event included an intimate selection of industry players representing digital out of home advertising stakeholders across Italy, Germany, Turkey, Portugal, Chile, Brazil, UK, China. The event was an opportunity for Samsung to connect with a crosssection of industry stakeholders to determine the needs of companies such as ours. We wanted to share a little of our impressions with you:

Samsung Screens are Impressive

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We had ample opportunity to view Samsung screens. We were particularly taken with their two-sided screens, which offer exciting opportunities for indoor and outdoor markets. By building our software with Tizen operating system compatibility, we aim to be able to seamlessly onboard Samsung's hardware.

The Pains of Local Government are Keenly Felt by Display Providers

HYGH is fortunate in that our focus circumvents the pain points felt by those engaging with local government. As with the challenges of many in the smart city space, the duration of contacts with local government is a challenge. In Berlin, DOOH companies are only rewarded 5-year contracts for digital bus shelter installments, making the length of the contract inadequate for ROI. Many spoke of the need for the size of screens to align over time. The average digital screen has a lifespan of 7 years when used continuously. Therefore providers need to be secure that a screen introduced as part of a 10-year contract enjoys the same format as its predecessor.  

Another challenge was the disparity between neighboring municipalities - two intertwining London districts could have entirely different acceptable limits for lighting brightness, for example.

Are we Completing or Disrupting?

HYGH was the youngest company present, and this was our first time pitching to industry experts.

When you want to be a disruptive company in any industry, you usually feel somewhat at odds with existing players. However, HYGH complemented the different providers, filling a niche rather than competing directly. Others were impressed with our business proposition and felt that we were filling a niche otherwise wanting.

The industry is fast evolving, Samsing asserts: "We no longer sell adspace, we sell audiences". There was talk about putting psi tracking into screens. Instead, we have the growing integration of smart city technology into our local areas and greater potential when 5G arrives.

Samsung is at the Heart of Smart City and 5g Innovation

Samsung has established a ‘5G City’ within  Samsung Electronics' headquarters in Suwon, Korea. This is a critical testbed to drive innovation in 5g across smart city infrastructure, including digital signage. The central tenants:

5g Stadium

Samsung's 5g stadium offers an environment where dozens of people can watch high-definition streaming videos seamlessly without lagging or buffering.

5G Connectivity Node

The connectivity node enlarges network capacity which connects more sensors and enables more accurate and intelligent way to monitor traffic, measure temperature and stream diverse content. Eight high-definition CCTV cameras and the video analysis software of a security company detect the driving speeds of cars and pedestrians jaywalking. All of this data can be shared across the 5G network and added AI technologies will bring even greater insights. 

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5G Kiosk

A ‘5G Kiosk’ allows for super high-speed download. For example, when a 5G test bus drives into this area, download speeds reach 1~3Gbps, a 500MB file can be downloaded within five to six seconds. This will facilitate new services such as high-definition video, map download and substantial software updates for autonomous vehicles.

Samsung SDS, the digital wing of Samsung, is collaborating on various city projects in Korea. It brings its Brightics IoT, a data-collecting platform specialised in retrieving and analysing big data, powered by artificial intelligence (AI). They're part of an alliance to deliver smart city infrastructure and data solutions globally.

Digital out of home advertising is a critical feature in any smart city - from digital signs at bus shelters, sport stadiums and shopping precincts, to in-store fitted screens and digital display counters. Screens in a smart city can deliver information in real time and bring mass audiences to ‘can’t look away’, thought-provoking advertising. 5g and the innovations facilitates the opportunity for real time, immersive and responsive digital out of home advertising.

We thank Samsung for the opportunity to participate in the roundtable and look forward to building our relationship further.

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