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HYGH Attends Advertising Week London

25 March 2019

Advertising Week Europe, held annually in London, is a global gathering of marketing and communications leaders, featuring unique media, marketing, technology and creative perspectives discussing key business trends and issues, that shape today’s advertising industry. Our Chief Visionary Officer, Antonoius Link attended the mega event on behalf of HYGH.

The conference's placing on the calendar is more than a little timely - last year's conference came just days after the announcement of the Cambridge Analytica Facebook scandal, and this year, Brexit was a feature of a number of sessions and confernece discussions. London mayor Sadiq Khan weighed in on whether advertising could have had an impact on the original Brexit vote. He used the term 'project fear' and suggested that in the event of a second referendum:

"You can create and polish a story, but it’s got to be us - the architects of the campaign - who tell it. If there is another referendum, then those of us with wiser heads in the campaign will be looking to use all the abilities of the advertising and creative industries to make sure we get the message across."

Notably, Khan's government had previously banned advertising across the Transport for London (TFL) network which promoted unrealistic bodies in 2016.  Recently 90 advertising agencies competed to win a prize of free OOH adspace across the TFL network.

We're Really the Good Guys

Ethics, privacy and transparency were also prominent themes. As part of Winning Back Consumer Confidence Hamish Nicklin CRO, Guardian News and Media noted "As humans we find huge levels of data gathering wrong; but as advertisers we find it cool - does anyone else feel uncomfortable with this?" and "There has to be a value exchange - it’s ok for brands to collect consumer data if they give consumers a better experience, but who is the judge?"

The Future is Bright for DOOH advertising

Of particular interest was the TechX Live Stage, which focused on interactive installations, and innovations in tech that are impacting advertising including haptics, holograms, AI, VR, and AR. Out of Home (OOH) advertising received plenty of attention, particularly in regard to the growth of it's digital forms - from bus shelters to airports and everything in between - and it was clear that DOOH advertising is a space where successes is already here, evidenced through creative campaigns, mutliplatform interactivity and high impact opportunities, rather than yep another future prediciton. It's here, its growing and all signs point to exponential expansion.

Overall, the conference was a fantastic opportunity to meet key players and industry professionals and raise the profile of HYGH just a little more. We can't wait until next year!

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