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How to Invest in HYGH from India

9 July 2019

People in India are well known for their interest in tech, with startups involved in everything from IoT to smart cities, deep learning, entrepreneurship and space tech. We’re proud to have people from India involved in the HYGH community. We appreciate that investing in Security Tokens may not be as clear a process as elsewhere , so we’ve created an easy how to guide:

It involves a series of simple steps which we’ll walk you through:

  • Create an account
  • Complete KYC (Know your customer)
  • Transfer investment funds

1. Go to Hygh.tech

2. Click on Invest Now

Screenshot 2019-06-25 at 16.05.17

3. Create a HYGH account
From this page, you have the option to create a free account:

Screenshot 2019-06-25 at 16

4. You will receive an email asking you to confirm your account

5. You will then receive an email verifying your account and inviting you to achieve KYC

6. Complete KYC


KYC, or Know Your Customer, is a helpful tool to keep investment safe and legal. Many industries use KYCs, but for cryptocurrencies they have been utilized to set up controls in a comparatively unregulated space. A vigilant KYC process and protocol protects investors and coins alike from both theft and fraud.

KYC implementation may also protect investors from inadvertently breaking the law, whether they are residing in a location that cannot legally take part in the sale or if the investor is underage.

Now, just a few pieces of information need to be submitted on the form. Some items are standard to most contact forms like name and email. We value safety, accuracy and efficiency throughout the entire HYGH investment process. Be sure to include not only an image of your identification but also an image of your face along with your identification documents.


7. Check off all the required terms and conditions to submit your KYC.


8. You are now ready to invest!

You’ll receive an email from us once you successfully complete KYC inviting you to invest via the HYGH platform. You can use a service such as transferwise to transfer the funds. Here are our bank details:

Screenshot 2019-06-25 at 15.07.46

As you are based in India, you can choose to pay in either USD or EUR.

Choosing to pay in either USD or EUR will automatically require you to fill out a KYC before completing your purchase.


It generally takes 7-10 days to record the transaction.

9. Once you have completed the transfer, return to your HYGH investment dashboard and record the transaction.

Screenshot 2019-06-25 at 15.07.21-2

Congratulations! You are now a HYGH Investor! We really appreciate your support in our mission to disrupt traditional advertising and welcome you as a valued investor in HYGH.

Looking for more information?

Find out about earning potential with our earning simulaton, read our investor deck, check out our FAQs, or book a call to learn more. We're here to answer any and all questions.

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