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How AdTech for Social Good is Creating a Powerful Impact

5 April 2019

Over the last few years, we've seen advertisers and charities create powerful campaigns in public places. Digital out of home advertising (DOOH) is being equipped with a range of different technologies to create eye-catching and thought-provoking messages in public places. The campaigns not only provoke discussion amongst viewers but are also filmed and photographed by passersby and media, increasing the reach and impact. Here are some of the most interesting:

Weather triggered ads for homelessness

The City of London joined forces with advertising company Clear Channel to create digital advertisements that highlight the plight of rough sleepers during severe winter weather. Over 130 digital billboards were donated by Clear Channel across London. Triggered by weather data from the Met Office, they display the temperature when it drops to zero and encourage Londoners to let the StreetLink charity know about people on the street they are concerned about so that outreach teams can help. Citizens can do this via the app, website or phoneline.

There have already been a record 9,165 referrals made to StreetLink since the campaign began - 600 more than were made over the whole of last winter.

Support Men's Health and Movember

The Movember Foundation is known internationally for addressing some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention. Last year they worked with digital signage analytics company Quividi to create a campaign that shared messages in response to the facial hair of passers-by.

Bearded passers-by were greeted on screen with a specific humorous message (“2016 called, it wants its beard back”) whereas moustachioed men were congratulated for their look (“Your moustache looks good”). Passers-by with no facial hair but who smiled at the screen were also served with a triggered, contextualized message (“This smile is a money-maker”). All others saw a generic campaign for the Movember Foundation.

All passersby were invited to show support for the Movember Foundation by growing a moustache for the month Movember.

Raise Awareness about the Impact of Domestic Violence

In the UK, two women are murdered every week as a result of domestic violence. Advertising agency WCRS created a series of digital posters for domestic violence charity Women’s Aid, which showed a woman who had been beaten and bruised. Using innovative facial-recognition technology, they could detect when passers-by were looking towards this woman on the digital screen. As long as people ignored her, the image remained the same. But when people stopped and looked at the screen, her bruises began to fade until she was completely healed. However, if you ignored it, nothing changed.

Increase Awareness of Cold and Flu Symptoms and Treatments

In Berlin a digital billboard was used with good effect to detect flu symptoms among passing commuters on-site at Berlin Central Station. McCann Worldgroup Germany created a digital, interactive billboard that identifies sneezing and coughing sounds within a five metre radius and reacts with a recommendation for the correct cold remedy.

The cold detector used sensor technology and directional microphone technology to filter its surrounding for acoustic vibrations, with the built-in sensors reacting to volume, direction, and distance of sound. A sound detection system then analyses the acoustics. When the cold detector identified sneezing and coughing, the sound was translated into a personalized message and the suitable medication is recommended along with a reference to the nearest pharmacy. The combination of five-meter-radius sensor technology and artificial intelligence creates a new form of individual targeted advertising.

Promote World Plastic Bag Free Day

By 2050, the plastic polluting our oceans will outweigh the marine life. To highlight this terrifying statistic, advertisers Ocean Outdoor teamed up with Sky Ocean Rescue to create The Oceans’ Biggest Threat, a digital out of home campaign to mark World Plastic Bag Free Day.

Participants were then invited to use their mobile phones to connect with the screen via its free wifi. A combination of 3D technology, video and streamed data turned their phones into virtual torches to discover what was really casting the shadow on the screen. The torches then revealed that the biggest threat to our oceans isn’t sharks or sea monsters, it’s single-use plastic.

HYGH is Here to Help

At HYGH we want to make digital out of home advertising accessible to all regardless of their funding resources. Our platform is providing the opportunity to create targeted local ads for specific blocks of time. Charities can also generate a passive income by turning their own digital screens into digital billboards that can be hired by complimentary services.

HYGH is democratising the outdoor advertising industry so that everyone can advertise their business. Secure a 9% Revenue Share.

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