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Five on Friday: June 28

28 June 2019

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The Drum DOOH Awards Launched for 2019

The Drum Out of Home Awards recognises those who have been producing the most creative and effective out of home advertising work over the past year. thedrum.com is the largest media and marketing website in Europe and the fastest growing in the USA and APAC.

Here's one of our favourite award-winning campaigns from recent years, created for a mere 5k:

Get your entries in now.

Marketers Still Haven't Soul Searched After Cambridge Analytica

UK journalist Carole Cadwalladr, who led the team in exposing Cambridge Analytica and Facebook over the abuse of consumer data, spoke at the recent Cannes Lions about the silence of the industry about data privacy:

“It’s really funny being here in the heart of the ad industry and seeing the yachts, the money and the beach clubs – while its central, central role in what’s going on here is being ignored,” she said.

The festival had previously booked Alexander Nix, former disgraced CEO of Cambridge Analytica, who cancelled based on widespread criticism.

Ballyhoo in High Waters - Again!


The NY State legislature passed a prohibition on floating billboards in all navigable waters in the state. The new law prohibits boats from “operating, anchoring or mooring” in all the state’s waterways “while operating a billboard that uses flashing, intermittent or moving lights.” In March of this year, the city sued Ballyhoo Media, for creating a “public nuisance.” It's been a long process with the visibility of advertising in public spaces right at the heart of the debate.

Instagram Monetizing Explore Tab


Instagram is becoming bringing new advertising opportunities with the Explore Tab. Once a user clicks on a post from Explore, Instagram will serve ads as users scroll through from that post.

DOOH Burgeoning in Australia

maxresdefault (1)

This week the Outdoor Media Association (OMA) in Australia released its 2018 Annual Report. The total net media revenue increased 10.8% to an all-time high of $927.2 million, with digital Out of Home (DOOH) accounting for 52.3%.

One of our favourite ads from Australia last year was eye tracking embedded billboards in a campaign for Jetstar budget airline, showing a great use of emerging tech for high impact.

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