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Five on Friday: July 12

12 July 2019

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Stranger Things 3 is the Most-Streamed Netflix Original Debut


Stranger Things recently kicked off season three and is now the most-watched original programming debut according to Netflix and Nielsen. It's clearly binge-worthy - about 824,000 U.S. subscribers watched all eight episodes on its first day of streaming.  The show merges 1980's nostalgia with science-fiction/fantasy, something akin to IT meets Stand by Me.

There's plenty of nod to consumer brands, with Product Placement Blog, painstakingly tracking every example of product placement. The suspects include Coca-Cola, Burger King, Kelloggs, Reebok, and Radio Shack. Coca-Cola attracted a lot of attention for placing their infamous New Coke can in the show, a product that lasted commercials a mere 89 days the first time around...


Facebook Promises Greater Clarity of Consumer Targeting


In an effort to respond to criticism about customer privacy, Facebook is enhancing its “Why am I seeing this ad?” functionality to include more detailed targeting, including the interests or categories that matched you with a specific ad. It will also be clearer where that information came from (e.g. the website you may have visited or Page you may have liked). A video on their blog demonstrated the controls available and how you can use them to easily adjust your experience. Customers can view and use their controls via Ad Preferences.

The Science is in: Full Motion Interactive Campaigns Have the Greatest Impact


Neuroscience research by Neuro-Insight for Ocean Outdoor, demonstrates how full motion digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaigns which use enhanced technology are eight times more impactful than creative content carried by static displays.

The research used brain imaging to explore the neurological impact of static and full motion DOOH displays on audiences, establishing a clear hierarchy in out-of-home sites and a new effectiveness index for creative advertising. The neuroscientists found that while both static and full motion content delivered high levels of positive emotional response, full motion content delivered even higher emotional and memory intensity peaks when combined with interactive technology.

Amazon Prepares for Prime Day

Next week is the start of the upcoming two-day Prime Day 2019, offering Amazon Prime subscribers over a million deals. It kicks off at midnight PT on Monday, July 15. The event was launched in 2015 to commemorate Amazon's 20th birthday. Amazon promoted the event through a range of celebrity collaborations and an online concert featuring Taylor Swift and SZA. Fast Company's Joe Lebowitz watched it so you don't have to, sharing:

“It’s great to be a Prime Member!” Lynch crows while standing in front of a projected caption that reads “Prime Day Concert, presented by Amazon Music.” The camera cuts to an extremely bored-looking audience member, by mistake (?), and then immediately cuts away."

Competitors have been fast to react, with eBay creating a suitably snarky ad  featuring a father talking to his daughter, who is called Alexa:

LadyGaga Launches Cosmetic Brand Exclusively to Amazon


Lady Gaga's beauty line Haus Laboratories is preparing to launch and will be available on Amazon in nine countries. It's a move set to make cosmetic brands rethink the importance of the ecommerce platform, particularly as cosmetics have traditionally been a 'try before you buy' product.  Customers can pre-order from Prime Day.

Annoying or amusing? You decide:

Stay tuned for more news in a couple of weeks!

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