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An Interview With HYGH Advisor David Wang

20 March 2019

At HYGH we are privileged to have access to a number of deep domain experts and industry specialists from all around the world. In this series, we’ll introduce you to each of our advisors and give you an opportunity to learn about them: their career history, interests, and why they became interested in HYGH.

David Wang works for Deloitte consulting with experience in managing large international digital transformation projects, strategy and M&A. He has consulted various projects for Fortune 500 clients and advised CIOs and other CXOs in executing technology strategies that drive exceptional business value. He has a unique cross-cultural business understanding and experiences working in the automotive industry, logistics, financial services, the public sector, and across startups and a Bachelor of Science degree in business informatics from the Berlin School of Economics and Law.

David recalls his first introduction to HYGH at a tech conference in Dubai: "HYGH’s business idea is amazing. It has a huge potential to disrupt the entire Digital out of Home (DOOH) industry." Since then David has worked with the team on strategies for scaling the business and rebranding HYGH’s image as an innovative startup company to attract business angels.

David strongly believes that happiness is the key to success and that "Thinking outside of the box is the root to transform business models because you often need an impulse from an innovative idea to create more value."

When asked about career highlights he explained, "One of the highlight in my career was when I was promoted from an intern to a project manager during my management traineeship in Shanghai. I was mainly responsible for a workstream, and I have managed and coordinated the APAC team."

From Blockchain to Digital Transformation

David had an early interest in blockchain tech and advises others, "Don’t blindly follow the market trends." He notes that:

"There are large established market players in the DOOH industry with strong client relationships. These established players are facing digital challenges to transform their companies to a full digital business model. As a tech startup, our mission is to build a faster digital product solution for the market before the established titans transform their business model."

Like many advisors, David sees the evolution of startups from their infancy. He considers the biggest mistake he sees startups make to be:

"Having a lack of focus for corporate structure and discipline. It is very important that startups build a highly scalable product solution and have a clear growth strategy in the beginning."

David is a keen traveller, and has a channel on youtube and an instagram account where he shares his travels. He welcomes contact from aspiring startups: "Just contact me via my social media channels. I am always open to meet awesome people with interesting opportunities.“

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