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An Easy Guide: How to Invest in HYGH

25 June 2019

At HYGH we strive to make the investment process as easy as possible so that anyone can invest. This document was created to provide a way to sign post each step so you know where to find the information you need to know.

  1. Create your HYGH ID https://blog.hygh.tech/2019/02/20/create-your-hygh-id/

Your Hygh ID is critical in ensuring you gain complete access to the Hygh Dashboard, a place from where you can make new investments or view your previous investments in Hygh tokens.

2. You'll receive any email from HYGH, inviting you to undertake KYC.

3. Achieve KYC : https://blog.hygh.tech/2019/02/20/complete-your-hygh-kyc/

KYC, or Know Your Customer, is a helpful tool to keep investment safe and legal. Many industries use KYCs, but for cryptocurrencies they have been utilized to set up controls in a comparatively unregulated space. A vigilant KYC process and protocol protects investors and coins alike from both theft and fraud.

KYC implementation may also protect investors from inadvertently breaking the law, whether they are residing in a location that cannot legally take part in the sale or if the investor is underage.

Did not achieve KYC?

Some reasons may include:

  • Nationality
  • Confusing names (i.e. different spelling on ID document, multiple names, the order of name and surname)
  • Poor quality photograph

4. You'll receive an email from us once you successfully complete KYC inviting you to invest via the HYGH platform.

Speak to us

Feel like you need more information? Please book a mutually convenient time for us to speak via phone, what's app or Skype.

In German
Book a call with Fritz Frey, Co-Founder and COO at HYGH.

In English
Book a call with George Geicke, our Head of Sales.

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